Little MAE is the go-to destination for good sleep, good health and support for wellbeing for the millennial mama and her little ones.

At Little MAE, we strive to offer only the best innovative products and solutions that help parents and their little humans achieve good sleep, good health and wellbeing.

We have carefully chosen products that are essential, safe and environmentally sensitive for babies in their first year, through to the toddlerhood stages and beyond, and to support you as you embark on your journey into parenthood. 

Every product is tested for health, safety, innovation, environmentally sensitive and style for the conscious parent in a world of overwhelming choice. We do the testing for you and give you products and solutions that we know works.

More than an online shop, Little MAE promotes a support network of experts in sleep, good health and parenting. 


Who We Are

Little MAE was formed when three Mamas at different stages of motherhood came together with an idea to create a go-to site that offers everything parents need for good sleep, good health and support for wellbeing for themselves and their little ones.

They cleverly came up with the name MAE, as it literally makes up the initials of their names: Malou, Ana and Elena - together they bring their combined wealth of parenting experiences and bring you products and solutions they have tried and tested and know works.


Get To Know Us

Ana Lacson 

Ana moved to the USA when her second child was born. Being in a new country and raising her young family without her extended family was a challenge.  Ana was faced with learning to navigate a newborn and a toddler while she and her husband worked on their business. Ana experienced sleep deprivation caused by a colic baby. All this resulted in days of feeling exhausted, frustrated and feelings of desperation.  Ana found herself surviving day to day which eventually led to depression. 

At the time, Ana did not get the support she needed to deal with her depression as she simply didn’t know where to go for help and consequently felt isolated. Fast-forward many years later after “coping” and putting on a brave face for the world, she realised she wasn’t alone and found many other Moms were going through the same thing.

Now her kids are older, Ana was excited to start up the Little MAE business and be able to offer products that help make the motherhood journey a little easier.  Ana says, “My life would have been so much easier if I had access to the support I needed and to all the essential baby products I needed from a single place. Now I have an opportunity to help others.”


Elena Javier

Elena was a young bride at 19 years old. She and her husband decided to wait a few years before starting a family. Unfortunately, a death in the family changed those plans and they had to raise three of her husband’s young sisters. It was instant family and a steep learning curve into parenthood.

As they adjusted to their new family dynamics, their household grew again within a year as they welcomed their own baby daughter. Elena was then faced with raising four kids from various age groups. She found herself trying desperately to manage the challenges of running a household of five while learning to navigate motherhood with her young baby. Her biggest challenge was coming up with creative ways to soothe her baby daughter back to sleep and comfort her when sick.

Elena was often left feeling overwhelmed and was desperately looking for answers and advice that would help her with her baby daughter and in those days she didn’t know where to go or who to ask for help.

Elena says, “These days, we have all the advice and all the information we can get on the internet. Sometimes, there’s just too much information and it can easily become overwhelming for a new Mom. We hope that Little MAE can help sift through the information and help bridge some of the gaps by providing products that are essential and have been proven as a solution to love and comfort your little one.”.


Malou Villarreal

Australian Founder of Baby Loves Sleep, Malou created the Sleepy Hugs sleep sack out of frustration and desperation resulting from broken sleep shortly after the birth of her second son in 2012.  Malou found many other parents experiencing the same sleep challenges that she did and inevitably shared with them what she had created for her own baby. This led her to start her business and has created many more innovative and award winning products giving recognition to the success of the Sleepy Hugs.

Malou also was nominated for an AusMumpreneur Award in 2018 and took home the bronze award in the product innovation category.  She has featured on Australian TV showcasing the Sleepy Hugs sleep sack and as well as local and national business news articles.

A member of the Baby Safety Australia reference committee, Malou contributes towards developing safety guidance for consumers, retailers and producers of nursery and baby products.